Why every woman NEEDS a flat iron

Why every woman NEEDS a flat iron

There are plenty of fancy new hairstyling devices coming out every day. Although we would love to buy into the efficacy of a 5-in-1 magic device, we've learned over time that you can't beat the basics. No matter your style, hair type, or morning routine, no hair-care collection is complete without a simple flat iron. 

If you've already invested in this straightening staple, you're well aware of its ability to shape styles and touch-up flawless looks. But if you're still holding out, unsure if a flat iron is for you, here's everything you need to know. 

No Hassle — Get Straight to Stylish

Despite its name, a flat iron is good for more than just making stick-straight styles. You can use the hair tongs to shape a stunning silk press, tame unwanted frizz, or transform your natural hair into sleek, flat looks. Once you get the hang of it, you can even shape brand-new curls and waves. 

But don't worry — using a flat iron isn't a lifelong commitment. Your gorgeous natural curls won't be forever lost after the heat of your straightener. There are plenty of steps you can take to mitigate the risk of damage. 

Protection from Damage

There's a whole list of flat iron dos and don'ts that will help make your styling journey safe and fun. If you're eager to get going, we can give you a rundown of the basics. 

Start out with EAP Heat's Bye Bye Frizz Heat Protectant and when in doubt, go easy on the heat. Make sure that you begin at a lower setting until you know how much your hair can handle. Allow sections to cool before going back and making slight corrections. Above all, always keep the hair straightener moving!

Ready to take the plunge? Browse EAP Heat's full flat iron collection. For those who have already treated themselves to this helpful hair tool — what's your favorite way to use it and is it ceramic or titanium?