How to Create a Simple But Practical Hair Care Routine

How to Create a Simple But Practical Hair Care Routine

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You must be diligent and intentional with your hair care routine. Look for products that solve your hair problems and encourage growth. Step up your hair care raining by keeping these key things in mind:


Stray away from washing your hair every day, over-washing strips hair and your scalp of its natural protein and oils resulting in dryness. Depending on your hair type limit washes to 1-2 times a week depending on the oil and buildup. When you do shampoo, remember to grab one that’s sulfate. But also try to find a shampoo that addresses your needs like adding moisture. 


No matter your hair type conditioner is a must in all hair care routines. It locks in moisture that can combat frizz and help with smoother styling. Also, remember to rinse your conditioner out with cold water because it closes hair cuticles allowing the moisture to stay.

Deep Conditioning

Loaded with nutrients and protein deep conditioning restores the health of your strands leaving them soft, shiny, and bouncy. Be sure to find a deep conditioner that provides the specific nourishment you need.

Leave in Conditioner

If you are prone to dryness or have colored hair adding a leave-in conditioner to your hair care routine can help. It adds the extra moisture your hair needs.


Before using your styling tools always use a heat protectant. They provide a protective barrier between your hair and the hot tools you’re using, preventing hair from becoming dried out and potentially damaged. It comes down to protecting your hair from heat damage.


Remember friction can cause damage to your strands so instead of using a cotton towel to dry your hair try using a microfiber towel, air drying, or use a blow dryer. A combination of two could also be an option.


Another agent of moisture, adding oils to your hair care routine brings fatty acids and vitamins to your hair. Some oils speak to specific needs like dry hair, dry scalp, and adding shine.